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National Institute of Testing and Evaluation

Grant Title: “Reducing Test Anxiety and Improving Test Performance by Manipulating the Perceived Attainability of Emotion Regulation”

Israel Science Foundation

Grant Title: “Emotion Regulation Goals in Depression: Their Nature, Antecedents and Implications”

German Israeli Foundation

Grant Title: "Emotion Regulation in Intergroup Conflicts: A New Avenue for Conflict Resolution"
Collaboration with Eran Halperin & Christopher Cohrs

Israel Science Foundation

Grant 794/11
Grant Title: “Implicit Attitudes toward Emotions: Links to Cognition and Behavior”

European Union

International Reintegration Grant
Grant Title : “The Role of Beliefs about Control in Emotion Regulation”

National Science Foundation

Grant SES-0920918
Grant Title: "What Do People Want to Feel? Strategic Emotion Regulation in Negotiations"

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